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About Us

T.O.S.A Gold Coast had  its 40th Birthday in May 2008. We started from small beginnings as a group of organ enthusiasts who met once a month at members homes. From there it grew to getting our own permanent place as the homes were becoming too small. We all have a love of the Theatre Organ which in its heyday was heard in many a picture theatre through out the country.  As they were fairly rare, expensive and fairly difficult to install it was decided to make do with electronic substitutes such as Conn and Baldwin Theatre Organs. Our last organ was a Rodgers Theatre Organ which served us well for many years.
All these organs fell short in the sound department as they were meant to sound like the True Theatre Organ of the Wurlitzer, Christie and Compton Theatre Pipe Organs which were built around the earlier part of the 20 th century.

 Our New Olympic Digital Theatre Pipe Organ.

In the middle of 2007 it was decided by the members that the Rodgers Theatre Organ being 40 years old was in need of replacing.  It was decided that a new Organ was beyond our capacity to  buy so a sub-committee was set up to look at building one. The organ was moved to Graham Scarr's Organ Works where the old Rodgers was completely dismantled and most of the insides discarded. A new paint job followed and a complete rebuild undertaken which took 4 months to complete. A new digital system complete with Computer and Digitally Sampled Pipes was installed, thanks to the members generous contributions to pay for all the parts, giving us the most realistic sounding organ that is as close to the real thing as you can get without pipes.
Come hear this fabulous sound during club meetings and special events. See elsewhere for times and artists.   

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